SEVENWIRE Company Limited is focused on producing and distributing PC Wire, PC Strand and Cold Drawn Wire.
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We select the standard quality of raw material for processing the wire production.
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We are concerned on Corporate Social Responsibility by using environmentally friendly innovation.
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We arrange the wire specialist team to be the customer’s professional consultant.
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We verify the product quality before delivering to our customer.
Prestressed concrete wire
PC Wire made from high carbon steel wire which is de-scaled in order to obtain the strength property. There are several surface configuration; plain, indented and crimped to support our customers. It is suitable for pre-stressed concrete works such as pre-stressed concrete pile, plank, hollow core slab, pole, and railway sleeper.
Pre-stressed Concrete Strand Wire
PC Strand has been used as a reinforcement product for large scale. It is a high carbon product that is composed of stranded 7 wires together. It is suitable for pre-stressed concrete pile (large scale), segment, post-tensioned slab, expressway structure, hollow core slab and public utilities etc. SEVENWIRE can produce the product according to obtained standards and customers needs.

Cold Drawn Wire 

Cold drawn wire is produced from low carbon steel wire through the rolling process until meeting the high qualified strength as TIS standard. Our company selects the material that can be suitable for each product qualification.

Divided into 3 types

  • Low Carbon Steel Wire (TIS 194-2535)
  • Cold-drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement (TIS 747-2531)
  • Cold-drawn deformed steel wire for concrete reinforcement (TIS 943-2533)

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